imagerExtra was removed from CRAN

imagerExtra 1.3.1 has two problems.

The R package tessetact is in Suggets field of imagerExtra.

However, tesseract is not used conditionally in imagerExtra 1.3.1.

This is a problem.

To prevent installation failure on Solaris, the following code is used in imagerExtra1.3.1.

if (["sysname"] != "SunOS")

This code violates the following CRAN policy.

Package authors should make all reasonable efforts to provide cross-platform portable code.

This is another problem.

I solved these problems to use the following code instead of the above code.

if (requireNamespace("tesseract", quietly = TRUE))

The code has been implemented in imagerExtra1.3.2.

I submitted imagerExtra 1.3.2 to CRAN.

A CRAN member will respond within 2 weeks.