imagerExtra 1.3.0 was released!

imagerExtra 1.3.0 was released.

You can install imagerExtra 1.3.0 from CRAN.

New Features in imagerExtra 1.3.0

New Functions

  • ThresholdFuzzy
  • ThresholdML
  • SegmentCV
  • EqualizeDP
  • EqualizeADP

ThresholdFuzzy does an aoutomatic thresholding based on fuzzy set theory.

ThresholdML does multilevel thresholding.

SegmentCV does Chan-Vese segmentation.

EqualizeDP does double plateaus histogram equalization.

EqualizeADP does adaptive double plateaus histogram equalization.

Change of Field of tesseract

I moved tesseract from Imports fields to Suggests fields in DESCRIPTION file.

This is because not all of users of imagerExtra do optical character recognition, and

installing tesseract can be annoying on linux.

Change of License

I have changed license of imagerExtra.

Previous License: GPL(>=3)

Current License: GPL-3