imagerExtra 1.2.0 was released!

imagerExtra 1.2.0 was released.

You can install imagerExtra 1.2.0 from CRAN.

New Features in imagerExtra 1.2.0

New Functions

  • DCT2D
  • IDCT2D
  • ThresholdAdaptive
  • OCR
  • OCR_data

DCT2D computes two-dimensional discrete cosine transformation.

IDCT2D computes two-dimensional inverse discrete cosine transformation.

ThresholdAdaptive does local adaptive thresholding.

OCR and OCR_data are shortcuts to ocr and ocr_data of the R package tesseract.

New Vignette

The new vignette “Optical Character Recognition with imagerExtra” was added.

From the vignette, you can see how to do optical character recognition with imagerExtra.

Performance Improvement of SPE

SPE had used mvdct of the R package dtt. mvdct isn’t fast.

Now, SPE has used DCT2D and IDCT2D instead of mvdct. DCT2D and IDCT2D are fast.

That’s why the performance of SPE was improved.

Change of Error Handling

The functions of imagerExtra had returned warning messages and NULL values when we input invalid arguments.

Now, the functions of imagerExtra return error messages when we input invalid arguments.